Crypto Hipster E1: Exclusive with Vlad Costea on Bitcoin Maximalism

Vlad Costea


ON THE SHOW: Vlad Costea is a Romanian Bitcoin enthusiast who made the decision to forego his PhD studies in political philosophy in favor of founding the Bitcoin Takeover podcast. Over the past half-decade, he has conducted over 200 interviews with leading figures in the cryptocurrency space and launched the BTCTKVR magazine, a freely accessible open-source publication featuring educational articles on Bitcoin. Explore his extensive body of work at

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Crypto Hipster

HOST: Jamil Hasan serves as the managing member and principal of Crypto Hipster Publications, where he spearheads a podcast dedicated to providing global educational content on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Through strategic positioning, he has distinguished the brand in the market, focusing on infrastructure, decentralized finance, Bitcoin, the Metaverse, NFTs, and artificial intelligence. With an impressive track record, Jamil has interviewed 330 guests from 60 countries over seven seasons, reaching listeners in 94 countries. Additionally, he has authored 287 books, including titles such as “Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge to Abundance” and “Blockchain Ethics: Fighting Honorable Battles,” among others. Discover The Crypto Hipster Podcast at Spotify.


ABOUT: In their insightful discussion, Vlad and Jamil delve into the decentralization of Bitcoin mining and its geopolitical implications, emphasizing the importance of community involvement and identifying opportunities for mining expansion in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. They engage in a nuanced debate on the challenges of scaling Bitcoin to accommodate growing user bases and transaction volumes, with Vlad advocating for increased block size and Jamil expressing concerns about centralization and censorship resistance. Exploring the concept of Bitcoin maximalism, Vlad contends that it has evolved into a dogmatic ideology, describing Bitcoin as a dynamic “mad scientist” project fueled by ongoing innovation. The conversation also touches upon the distinctions between cypherpunk and Austrian economic perspectives, as well as future competition from alternative coins like Solana.

This podcast offers invaluable insights into the factors driving Bitcoin’s price volatility and the transformative potential of Bitcoin mining for developing countries. Despite ongoing privacy and storage challenges, the emergence of off-chain solutions promises increased efficiency and reduced waste, paving the way for continued growth and innovation in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Vlad looks forward to further exploring these topics at the upcoming Litecoin Summit in July 2024 (

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Jamil Hasan

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