Crypto Hipster E2: Sustainable Development and Economic Empowerment in Ghana

Ibrahim Mustapha Ibrahim Mustapha
Ibrahim Mustapha


ON THE SHOW: Ibrahim Mustapha is a multi-talented young public speaking coach from Ghana, and social entrepreneur who was selected as a Mandela Washington Fellow in 2021. He is also a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum and the founder of Me for Africa, an NGO focused on promoting sustainable development and economic empowerment in Ghana. Ibrahim is the founder of IM radio, an online radio platform, and has a growing community on Udemy, where he shares his expertise on public speaking, writing, and digital skills. He was also a digital skills trainer with the Google Digital Skills Africa Program. (

HOST: Jamil Hasan is the managing member and principal of Crypto Hipster Publications. Jamil owns and operates a podcast show that offers global educational content on blockchain and crypto. He has positioned the brand as a differentiator in the market with a focus on infrastructure, decentralized finance, Bitcoin, Metaverse, NFTs, and artificial intelligence. To date, he has interviewed 330 guests through his first seven seasons on the podcast from 60 countries, reaching listeners in 94 countries, and has written 287 books, including Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge to Abundance, Blockchain Ethics: Arise from the Ashes, Blockchain Ethics: Fighting Honorable Battles, plus hundreds several of the Crypto Hipster compilation series. The Crypto Hipster Podcast can be discovered on Spotify.


ABOUT: In this captivating conversation, Ibrahim Mustapha and Jamil Hassan discuss the potential of technology to uplift marginalized communities in Ghana. Ibrahim shared Me for Africa’s initiatives to empower young people and women in rural communities through technology and entrepreneurship. Mr. Mustapha emphasized the potential of blockchain technology to streamline finances for renewable energy projects and provide secure and transparent platforms for community-based conservation efforts. Jamil further explored the potential of digital skills and crypto philanthropy to empower youth, as Ibrahim highlighted the need for free access to digital skills training. The guest raises the question of how blockchain and crypto can be used for charity.

Some key insights that can be discovered by listening to this fascinating discussion include how Me for Africa is empowering Africans through technology, as Ibrahim shares his passion project for empowering underprivileged communities. Me for Africa was founded to empower young people in rural areas with access to education, technology, and business skills, while the Inner Hub on Wheels project provides mobile labs and training in blockchain and coding to communities and schools. Ibrahim emphasizes collaboration and empowering diverse innovators to build a sustainable future as blockchain can facilitate sustainable finances in rural communities through transparency and traceability. Mustapha’s long-term vision includes building community laboratories to provide hands-on learning experiences in robotics and other fields, with a focus on changing minds and career paths.

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