Introducing Original Video Series: Very Venture China

Meet Dennis Richard, the producer of Very Venture China

Meet Dennis Richard, an ambitious entrepreneur hailing from Helsinki, the capital of Finland, known for its status as one of the happiest countries according to statistics. Dennis embodies the unique blend of Finlansvensk and Karelian heritage, reflecting his diverse cultural background and global perspective.

Having traversed through various countries, Dennis has accumulated a wealth of experience through studying, working, and traveling. Currently based in China, he brings a firsthand understanding of cross-cultural dynamics and nuances to the table.


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On March 19 20 Denis attended the government meeting as a representative of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce

In this show, we delve into the multifaceted aspects of culture and life, with a primary focus on unraveling the intricacies of starting a business in China. Dennis is dedicated to debunking myths surrounding China while shedding light on essential considerations for those contemplating working or relocating to this vibrant nation.

As a startup entrepreneur with a fervent passion for innovation, Dennis’s international journey has seen him immersed in diverse environments, from Europe to Asia. His professional repertoire extends beyond entrepreneurship to encompass corporate experience in consulting firms, investment banking, and even the tobacco industry.

On this video series Very Venture China, Dennis Richard shares his insights, experiences, and expertise in navigating the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship and business in China, offering valuable perspectives for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals alike. Stay tuned for an engaging exploration of entrepreneurship, culture, and life’s adventures with Dennis.

What is Very Venture China?

In the inception of the video series, the Dennis Richard embarked on a dual mission.

Firstly, the objective was to offer an authentic portrayal of life within a Chinese metropolis, delving into the intricacies of the local populace’s mindset and the philosophical underpinnings of life in China.

Dennis Richard on the right interviewing local Chinese entrepreneur

Secondly, the channel aimed to delve into the realm of business and entrepreneurship within the country, leveraging the creator’s wealth of knowledge and experience to craft a narrative of personal success.

The vision for the video series is one of interactivity, akin to a reality show, wherein Dennis endeavors to transition from being a newcomer outsider to a flourishing local entrepreneur, offering viewers an unfiltered glimpse into the journey and sharing raw emotions along the way.

Critical themes to be explored encompass education, personal growth, the realization of ambition, international relations, cultural exchange, entrepreneurship, effective goal-setting, and the attainment thereof.

In an era marked by profound transformation, adaptation emerges as an imperative for the human species. The ethos of adaptation extends beyond mere survival to the elevation of societal value. Hence, the enduring relevance of continuous education and lifelong learning is underscored.

Amidst the backdrop of technological advancement, including AI, there emerges a discernible trend of dwindling job prospects, contributing to a pervasive sense of instability among the populace. The resultant phenomena of burnout, depression, and diminished motivation have become prevalent.

The global landscape has been punctuated by seismic events, from the upheaval wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic to the eruption of conflicts between nations. Despite these challenges, the trajectory of global evolution persists unabated, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Through personal exemplification, Dennis Richard endeavors to demonstrate the imperative of confronting fears and advancing towards one’s aspirations. The aspiration to generate one million dollars within the framework of the show, aptly titled “Very Venture China,” serves as a tangible manifestation of this ethos, inspiring viewers to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and achievement.

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