Shiba Inu Experiences Massive 30,000% Increase in Burn Rate, Potential for Price Growth

In a remarkable turn of events, the Shiba Inu (SHIB) token has seen a dramatic decrease in its circulating supply, with almost 4 million tokens eliminated in just the last day. This drastic reduction in supply, marking a 30,000% increase in the token’s burn rate, underscores a concerted effort to enhance the token’s value over time through a reduction in availability.

Shiba Inu, a widely recognized meme coin, has been the subject of intensified focus as a significant number of tokens have been systematically retired from circulation. This surge in the burn rate has led to the destruction of nearly 4 million tokens in a 24-hour period.

Further adding to the token’s burn history, the Shiba Inu team disclosed that February saw over 643 million tokens incinerated, though this figure represents a 93% decrease from the burning activities observed at the start of the year.


The strategic implementation of token burning is anticipated to potentially catalyze a price surge for SHIB. By diminishing the supply of SHIB while demand remains constant or increases, the token’s market value is poised for growth. The Shibarium marketing strategist, LUCIE, has highlighted the token’s past performance, noting an 800% price increase in a single week in 2021 without any token burns, suggesting even more remarkable potential price escalations with the burning mechanism now operational.

Shibarium’s ongoing development is also seen as a positive indicator for SHIB’s price outlook. The network has experienced a significant uptick in daily transactions, approaching 400 million, with wallet addresses totaling approximately 1.3 million and over 3.4 million blocks recorded.

Launched in August of the previous year, Shibarium’s mission is to distinguish Shiba Inu from its competitors within the meme coin market. The platform aims to bolster the Shiba Inu ecosystem by offering reduced transaction fees and enhanced processing speed, positioning the token for greater utility and value appreciation in the digital currency landscape.

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