Moscow under attack: At least 112 Dead

Vehicles of Russian emergency services are parked near the burning Crocus City Hall concert venue following a reported shooting incident, outside Moscow, Russia, on March 22. Maxim Shemetov/Reuters

According to Russian state media TASS, a tragic incident occurred when armed assailants launched an attack inside a crowded concert venue near Moscow, resulting in at least 112 fatalities and over 100 injuries. Preliminary reports from the Federal Security Service of Russia indicated the scale of the casualties at the popular Crocus City Hall concert venue. Russia 24 further reported a partial collapse of the venue’s roof during the attack.

The assault was carried out by at least three individuals armed with firearms, as reported by TASS and RIA Novosti. The attackers, described as wearing camouflage, forcefully entered the Crocus City Hall and commenced shooting prior to a scheduled concert performance, the Russia Prosecutor General’s Office stated via TASS.

RIA Novosti detailed that the attackers utilized automatic weapons and deployed a grenade or an incendiary device, causing a fire within the venue. The music group Picnic was poised to perform when the violence erupted, according to Russia 24.


Eyewitness video captured the chaos, depicting terrified concertgoers seeking cover amid the sound of gunfire and visible distress. Subsequent footage showed a significant fire at the site, with a dense column of smoke rising from the venue.

Andrey Vorobyov, the regional governor, assured that efforts were underway to rescue individuals, mentioning the deployment of a SWAT team and the mobilization of over 70 medical teams to aid the injured.

Approximately 100 individuals were evacuated by firefighters, with rescue operations continuing to safely remove people from the venue’s roof, the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation confirmed.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin described the event as a “terrible tragedy” and extended his condolences to the victims’ families, pledging comprehensive support for those affected. Additionally, Sobyanin announced the cancellation of all scheduled sports, cultural, and public events in Moscow for the weekend as a response to the calamity.

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