Dubai Municipality Cataloged More Than 1.5 Million Food Products

In 2023, Dubai Municipality achieved a significant milestone by registering over 1.5 million food products, along with processing 217,642 applications for the evaluation and approval of food items within the Emirate. This year also saw the Municipality issuing 99,567 health certificates for food exports, underscoring its dedication to bolstering the adaptability and safety of Dubai’s food sector. These accomplishments highlight the Municipality’s unwavering commitment to providing the community with access to safe, nutritious, and high-quality food, adhering to internationally recognized standards.

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To maintain rigorous food safety standards, the Municipality has instituted comprehensive control measures applicable to both imported goods and those produced locally. This included conducting 65,230 inspection visits to the 26,612 food establishments registered in Dubai over the last year.

The extensive inspections involved the examination of 7,367,163 tons of food shipments, which included more than 2,272,400 different food products. These checks encompassed inspections of over 363,553 food shipments and around 533,790 food containers, ensuring the safety and compliance of a vast array of food items entering and produced in Dubai.


Sultan Al Taher, the head of the Food Safety Department at Dubai Municipality, emphasized the Municipality’s focus on fostering the growth of the food industry. By providing essential support, infrastructure, and promoting investment opportunities, the Municipality aims to stimulate the sector’s expansion. These efforts align with Dubai’s strategy to develop a sustainable food ecosystem, ensuring reliable food supply chains and contributing to the Emirate’s Food Security Strategy objectives.

Al Taher highlighted the remarkable achievements of Dubai’s food industry in 2023, which not only reinforce Dubai’s status as a leading global trade center but also demonstrate the effectiveness of regulatory measures in enhancing the sector’s robustness, growth, and attractiveness for investment.

Furthermore, Al Taher reiterated Dubai Municipality’s proactive approach to safeguarding public health against food-related hazards by continuously monitoring food-related activities and establishments. The goal is to maintain high food safety standards and adherence to quality norms, thereby improving the quality of life for both residents and visitors in Dubai.

In its commitment to proactive protection and industry advancement, Dubai Municipality is set to participate in Gulfood 2024. This premier global event brings together top food and beverage manufacturers and suppliers, providing a valuable platform for knowledge exchange, insights into future trends, and advancements in food production, trade, and technology. The event also serves as an opportunity for new food businesses to explore potential investment avenues in Dubai, further bolstering the Emirate’s position in the global food industry.

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