Exclusive: New Heights with A350 Production Boost Amid Market surge

Demand Drives Airbus Production Boost, Not Boeing’s Crisis

In a strategic move, Airbus is set to increase the production of its A350 aircraft to 12 planes per month by 2028, a decision spurred by strong demand rather than Boeing’s ongoing difficulties. Thomas Toepfer, Airbus CFO, made it clear that this boost is a reflection of the A350’s strong sales momentum, independent of any industry rival’s misfortune.

Airbus Thrives as Boeing Faces Setbacks

While Boeing scales back production of its troubled 737 Max, Airbus is seizing the opportunity to fill the market gap with its A350. This quarter, Airbus reported an impressive 170 aircraft orders, nearly half for the A350 variant, underscoring its robust position in the marketplace.

Tackling Supply Chain Challenges Head-On

Airbus is not just increasing production; it’s strategically ensuring the reliability of its supply chain. The potential takeover of certain production elements from supplier Spirit is a proactive measure to safeguard component supply, illustrating Airbus’ commitment to its production targets.


Maintaining Momentum Despite Economic Pressures

Despite a drop in quarterly operating profit, Airbus is pushing forward with its production plans, demonstrating resilience in the face of broad-based supply chain challenges. This proactive stance is essential for maintaining Airbus’ leadership in the aviation sector.

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