Nick Ayton: Leading the Conversation on Future Tech at ADFO Summit in Abu Dhabi

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and innovation, Nick Ayton is a prominent commentator at the intersection of deep and frontier technologies. As chair of the upcoming Abu Dhabi Family Office Summit (ADFO) on November 23rd, Nick will guide discussions with Family Offices and the Investment community, as they consider diversification and succession strategies to navigate a complex economic and geopolitical environment,  ahead of key regional events – Formula 1, Cop28, and Finance Week.

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Nick Ayton is more than just a chairperson; he is a futurist and tech thought leader with a profound expertise in cutting-edge fields such as quantum computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and synthetic biology. His visionary insights and engaging speaking style make him a sought-after speaker, capable of distilling complex technological concepts into accessible and thought-provoking narratives.

At the core of Nick Ayton’s vision lies a broad perspective on transformative technologies that have the potential to reshape societies. His advocacy extends to areas like longevity, medical technology (MedTech), synthetic biology, and healthcare as people will extend life 20 or events 50 years will render all current economic and financial systems unworkable. In his view, these domains are not merely technological frontiers but key drivers that will bring about profound changes and disruptions to our everyday lives.


One of the key themes that Nick champions is the idea of putting individuals in control of their data, identity, and information. As a libertarian and advocate of Web3 business models, he envisions a future where people have the power to govern their personal data, enabling them to track, control, and their content, opening up new possibilities to monetise their content, IP and creativity – a more equitable digital world.

Web3, a term often associated with decentralised technologies like blockchain, a cornerstone of Nick Ayton’s advocacy. By promoting business models that empower individuals to have sovereignty over their data, aligning with the growing movement towards a more decentralised and democratised internet. In Nick’s vision, Web3 not only offers a paradigm shift in how we interact with technology but also serves as a catalyst for reshaping traditional power structures that govern us today.

As the chair of the ADFO Summit, Nick Ayton will inspire conversations that go beyond the typical discussions of wealth management and Family Office strategies. Attendees can expect to delve into the transformative potential of deep and frontier technologies, exploring how these innovations will impact various sectors, from Finance to Healthcare.

Nick Ayton’s role as the chair of the ADFO Summit underscores his position as a thought leader shaping the future of technology.

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