Adopting AI in the media to control and impact audiences

The use of artificial intelligence has spread through mainstream industries. Chat GPT has disrupted programming through fast content creation of programming code. Perhaps Chat GPT is best of use in the programming sector. As a matter of fact, AI has a lot to do with advanced content creation, content understanding, and content distribution and influencing. Adopting AI in the media to control and impact audiences is something that large enterprises and governments have been exercising lately.

Two-sided power of media

Media is a tool that large corporations and especially governments use to control people and large audiences worldwide. Primarily there are two types of media; traditional media including TV, radio, magazines, online publications, and offline promotions and advertising; and then there are social media including large channels like Meta, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, and others.


AI in the media

We can pretty much say that the ones who control the world are the ones who use strategic combinations between traditional media and social media. Before AI a lot of work was done manually but now things have changed. Let’s say you wanted to influence a post on social media or bring in an active audience to debate a post and on other peoples’ comments. Let’s say you had a post where people criticize you and yet nobody is defending you. Remember, managing the public image and keeping it clean is very important, especially for entities with power.

So let’s say you have a case where you have a certain amount of negativity surrounding your case and you want to turn it into a positive situation. Now, with the help of advanced media AI, there are tools that can auto-generate new social media accounts on Meta, Instagram, Twitter, and other channels. These accounts will then create content on their pages and automatically interact with negative comments.

Such tools are currently being used in presidential campaigns, especially in third-world countries. It is scary and manipulative but it actually works from the end client perspective, and results are getting delivered.

The combination of traditional media coverage in the news, newspapers, magazines, and billboards, and active social media presence management with the help of AI is a complete game changer for the big and powerful. However, at the same time, small businesses can also utilize such tools to grow and create a strong, powerful, and active brand.

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