How to brand your business or yourself using media

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Marketing in general, involving social media is overrated. Advertising is expensive. As a matter of fact B2C market is way overcrowded right now and if you think creative content will solve your marketing problems that is not it. The B2B market on the other hand is just incredibly oversold. However, B2C and B2B, have something in common, one way to still differentiate in a matrix combination of quality, transparency, and genuineness. That answer is learning to leverage the media in the right way, but how to brand your business or yourself using media?

Media is a very wide scope. Media can include, digital media which is online, traditional media which is over standard channels like TV and radio, and offline media which you can find on digital stands, and billboards out in the street.

brand your business

Now, what is the media that catches people’s attention the most? Social media of course. But how much do we trust social media? So so, perhaps on average. Everybody can post on social. Everybody knows influencer posts are just paid ads. There are limits to what social media can disclose about a product, service, or company. Everybody knows the price of social media. It is a free or low-cost media channel to distribute information.

Now let’s go into serious channels, so-called real-life media such as local TV stations reporting news and global stations reporting business events and international events. The power of influence of TV news media is still considered to be more impactful than social media, because TV news coverage is not for everybody, and social media is for everybody; so the quality of social media channels drops significantly.

But, TV is expensive and social media is free, that is why every single company on the planet is running ads on social media and that is why running an ad campaign on social media for your software company or any app company or any company in general is a huge headache because you directly compete with millions of other companies in the same industry. In addition to that a portion of your ad revenue may end up being clicked by programmatic bots initiated by industry leaders as a competitor kill strategy.

brand your business

However, some channels are still reasonable and these are a mix between traditional media and modern blogs. Getting article coverage is one way to build a strong online background. According to Stankevicius MGM research over 90% of buyers tend to Google the seller’s company and make decision making based on Google’s search results.

Note that social media does not increase your Google search results, nor does offline media. But what does? Online media articles of course! And by getting as many of them as possible, the more positive, the more creative, and published in reputable media channels online, your brand will drastically increase in value and whoever ends up checking your company name on Google will have a positive impact on purchase decision making.

Social media is of course a strong media channel for the B2C market, for B2B standard media is a more recommended channel for campaigning. However, a decent mix between social media and standard online media is a good combination of proper and respected branding. Even though companies try to save as much as possible on marketing, it is recommended to invest in online media publishing.

The timing is right now because as millions of companies try to boost their social media accounts, around maybe just 15% of those companies take standard media strategy into account. In emerging markets, standard media is an absolute power move to build a respectable brand. If you are looking for where to start, visit Stankevicius X, which is a media division for SME PR and advertising for an affordable budget.

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