Dubai Drone Show (DDS) Agency is Open for New Year Drone Show Bookings

Dubai drone show Dubai drone show

Drone shows have been the super hot trend in Dubai in 2023. While the trend already started to hype from 2022, competitive drone show event management businesses took this job more seriously as new companies emerged in Dubai offering drone show services. Dubai is the place of extreme lavish, luxury and bling bling society, and in a way drone shows fit pretty well because they do bling bling. Competition in Dubai for drone shows is becoming fierce, for instance a new Dubai Drone Show agency, DDS, has emerged in the recent 4th quarter of 2023 offering to beat any drone show price offered locally in Dubai. Dubai Drone Show (DDS) agency is now offering best price New Year Drone Show bookings on their website

Drone Shows might replace New Year Firework Celebration

There has been a serious discussions by different governments around the world to absolutely replace New Year Firework sessions with drones instead. Apparently, for some countries, fireworks cause some danger, and drones on the other hand are more safe and are fully controllable.


Dubai, is the city of ultra luxury, yet Dubai is not looking to remove firework shows from Burj Khalifa, instead what we can expect from Dubai is a merged show full of fireworks and drones together at the same time.

Drone shows bring creative sky art to the new level

Imagine of a picture or a word or an animation that you like so much and you want others to see. By publishing it online on your social media to your friends that is something limited in a way, but imagine running a full drone show about your idea in front of hundreds of people on the beach or in the city. Drone shows bring sky art to the absolute new level, and its not just about visibility, it’s truly an art piece that requires a lot of work in systematic programing and design.

Do you want to have a spectacular show of your own? Maybe it’s time for even yourself to consider running a private drone show event in Dubai. Due to large competition, the prices of drone shows in Dubai have significantly dropped. So if you love your girlfriend you can now most likely order a drone show for the same price of Cartier jewellery, isn’t that something!

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