Interview with AI: Astonishing new book release by Paulius Stankevicius

Paulius Stankevicius Paulius Stankevicius
Paulius Stankevicius

Paulius Stankevicius is a business executive with extensive background in marketing, advertising and public relations. He spent nearly a decade working with media in public relations (PR) and investor relations (IR) sectors. Paulius Stankevicius has helped clients to raise over $700M in funding till date with the help of strategic media campaigns. Stankevicius believes that media is a gateway to all business sectors. 

Today, Stankevicius Group is operating in 3 business sectors: marketing, general trading and financial services. In 2022, Stankevicius Group announced to be entering social media space with a Metaverse product. While the project got postponed, its been mentioned group is still working on a new social media platform till date.

The agenda of Stankevicius Group since 2023 Q4 has been announced to be technology development called “Build with Stankevicius”. The group has invested into automating their business models through various platforms built with machine learning algorithms and AI. 


As Paulius Stankevicius background lies within technology he has always been fascinated with new advancements in tech, especially with ChatGPT. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about artificial intelligence. Many people can understand the idea but not many know the details. The idea of this interview was to provide information to the readers about what ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence (AI) actually is thinking right now. Paulius Stankevicius asked OpenAI’s ChatGPT various questions about the life, feelings, dangers, humanity, power and what’s beyond the future. 

Book cover Interview with AI

As an author and a bit crazy and creative marketing individual, Paulius Stankevicius hopes that the answers to the questions would provide enough information for the general audience to understand what the best AI in the world thinks today, what we can expect in the future and should we be scared or not.

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