BlockchainK2 Reveals Progress on Strategic Stake in RealBlocks

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BlockchainK2 is thrilled to share news of its investment in Enverxergy Inc., also known as “RealBlocks,” an innovative investment platform that integrates comprehensive front and back-office solutions necessary for Asset Managers and Intermediaries. These solutions aim to automate, streamline, and reduce the cost of global access to Alternative Investments. BlockchainK2 will be taking a majority stake in RealBlocks.

Sergei Stetsenko, the CEO of BlockchainK2, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration between BlockchainK2 and RealBlocks in enhancing financial market automation through their cutting-edge platform. He highlighted the potential of combining Generative AI with Blockchain Tokenization to benefit clients and partners. Stetsenko explained how decentralized smart contract protocols are revolutionizing the tokenization of tangible assets, such as equity and debt, thus expediting and streamlining capital fundraising. He emphasized how blockchain technology minimizes dependencies between parties and fosters transparency in a traditionally opaque sector. Furthermore, tokenization not only improves operational efficiency by simplifying compliance through smart contracts but also broadens asset ownership, enriches markets, and facilitates global micro-investing.

Stetsenko also noted the nascent stage of Generative AI adoption in the industry and its boundless potential. Plans are underway to integrate Generative AI into the platform to enhance fully-digital, seamless processing, supporting asset managers and investors in utilizing alternative investments to achieve superior results for investors through reduced operational costs and heightened transaction accuracy. He affirmed BlockchainK2’s dedication to continuously innovating and leveraging Generative AI to optimize all aspects of investing, particularly in KYC and AML processes.


Perrin Quarshie, the CEO of RealBlocks, remarked on how RealBlocks is revolutionizing access to alternative investments by digitalizing the issuance and comprehensive processing of funds with sophisticated technology. The platform aims to offer unparalleled liquidity and transparency in the complex domain of alternative investments, granting fund managers, financial intermediaries, and investors enhanced control and influence over their performance. Quarshie expressed excitement about joining forces with BlockchainK2, marking a new era in their mission to provide clients with an exceptional investing experience in alternatives.

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