Cordell Partners: Pioneering Human Capital Innovation in the Middle East

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Oscar Orellana-Hyder Co-Founder Cordell Partners

The most important form of Capital is Human Capital – Ray Dalio has been quoted as saying this at the latest edition of the Abu Dhabi Finance Week hosted by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) in 2023 – having established his own prestigious firm of Bridgewater Associates in the ADGM and also his personal family office in the ADGM, he speaks from experience.

Oscar Orellana right at ADFW

With an estimated 18,000 people having attended the ADFW and subsequently around 2,000 people at the inaugural Abu Dhabi Family Office Summit in November 2023, there is a palpable demand of human capital to move to, establish or relocate their operation to Abu Dhabi.

Cordell Partners, an Executive Search firm was founded in September 2023 by Oscar Orellana-Hyder from an innate desire to do more, the ADGM and the Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) want and need to go faster. The amount of new financial services entities establishing themselves in both financial jurisdictions is unprecedented, and the growth has led to record numbers of establishments seen in 2023. Due diligence done on both the ADGM & the DIFC has kept coming back to the quality and the distinct calibre needed to the human capital to secure a robust and secure framework to do business in.

Cordell Partners
Oscar Orellana left at Middle East and Africa Summit

The lay of the land lends itself to the Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Funds. With a dept of capital, access to global markets, safe & secure family values, the Gulf and in particular Abu Dhabi has set itself up to be one of the most appealing jurisdictions in the Globe in 2024. With specialists forecasting this to be a growth trajectory with only further expansion in assets under management and GDP coming from the Gulf States.

Having partnered with Sovereign Wealth Funds, Prominent family offices, local conglomerates, and local family JVs – portfolio companies of the SWFs – the team at Cordell Partners have been committed to building the ecosystem with over 15 years’ experience between them placing professionals across the GCC. Additionally, having welcomed Dr. Marwan Al-Falasi – 15 years Mubadala – as the special member to the board, the appetite for growth and hiring in the investment management & asset management arena is unprecedented in these times according to Dr. Marwan.  

Cordell Partners
Oscar Orellana left with Obediah Ayton right at ADFO Summit

Both, macro push factors from other traditional ex-patriate geographies and parallel pull factors from the UAE government and incentives to set up in the ADGM – Cordell Partners is incredibly well positioned to be your human capital agent of choice. With local nuances learnt, a vast talent map at your fingertips, Cordell Partners has deep rooted connections to the best talent locally and has been the search and selection partner to the best institutions in the GCC for a reason. 

Considering establishing your business in Abu Dhabi or Dubai reach out Cordell Partners via email: info@cordell-partners.com

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