Node Nexus Network Receives Esteemed TADS Recognition for Innovative DQ-LDB Technology

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(Sean Michael Brehm, Konoval Dmitriy, Vladislav Dobrovolskiy)

Node Nexus Network (NNN), a pioneering entity in the decentralized computing sector, is proud to announce its recent achievement at the Tokenized Assets & Digital Securities Awards (TADS). This accolade is in recognition of NNN’s deployment of the Distributed Quantum Ledger Database (DQ-LDB) technology within Artificial Intelligence, markedly enhancing the collective intelligence across its worldwide network of edge and hybrid computing microdata centers.

The TADS Awards, renowned for celebrating pioneering innovations and excellence in the tokenized assets and digital securities arena, meticulously reviewed numerous projects. Criteria for evaluation included innovation, added value, prospective utility, novelty, and governance. NNN emerged as a frontrunner, securing the award through its demonstration of innovative breakthroughs and the transformative impact of its DQ-LDB technology. This technology stands out for its exceptional security, scalability, and efficiency, utilizing quantum-resistant encryption and sophisticated data management approaches to redefine global standards in data processing, storage, and security.

Forward-Thinking Deployment and Vision for a Decentralized Future

At the heart of NNN’s strategy is the deployment of microdata centers across 16 global regions, establishing a critical infrastructure for edge and hybrid computing. These centers extend beyond conventional data storage functions to support a decentralized network that promotes local community empowerment, internet access improvement, and sustainable growth through renewable energy.

Sean Brehm, Chairman of Node Nexus Network, emphasizes, “At NNN, we are committed to transforming the digital ecosystem through a decentralized infrastructure that ensures secure, efficient, and universally accessible collective intelligence. Our expansion into Indonesia, announced at a recent press event in Cannes, France, underscores our resolve to lead in technological innovation and our dedication to crafting a decentralized future.”

Catalyzing Collective Intelligence and Technological Advancement

NNN stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the decentralized cloud technology landscape through its implementation of sustainable microdata center infrastructure across 16 global regions and 251 countries. This endeavor is set to redefine the future landscape of Quantum Computing, propelled by the innovative Vogon Distributed Quantum Ledger Database Technology. NNN’s mission transcends building a mere digital infrastructure; it aims to cultivate collective intelligence by enabling smooth collaboration and data exchange across its extensive network. By leading advancements in AI, IoT, and emerging technologies, NNN is distinguished by its commitment to decentralization and innovation.

As NNN progresses with its network expansion and technological refinement, it looks forward to establishing new partnerships, leading innovations, and identifying opportunities that resonate with its vision for a more interconnected, intelligent, and sustainable global community.

About Node Nexus Network

Node Nexus Network is at the leading edge of delivering sustainable, decentralized Micro Data Centers worldwide. Specializing in Sustainable Edge and Hybrid Cloud solutions, NNN harnesses the power of the cutting-edge Distributed Quantum Ledger Database (DQ-LDB) technology to serve the rapidly expanding AI industry. Dedicated to security, scalability, and sustainability, NNN aims to build a global network of microdata centers that empower communities, enhance digital accessibility, and foster technological progress. For more information, please visit https://nnn.cloud.

Introducing the Co-Founders, Sean Michael Brehm and Dmytro Konoval

Sean Michael Brehm brings over two decades of rich experience in entrepreneurship, executive management, military leadership, and technological innovation to his role as a co-founder. As the creative force behind CrowdPoint Technologies, Mr. Brehm has exhibited extraordinary expertise in big data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and decentralized systems, characterized by strategic foresight and technological pioneering.

node nexus network

Dmytro Konoval contributes his visionary prowess to the cryptocurrency arena, strengthened by his deep understanding of traditional gold mining. His strategic insight and analytical acumen have been key in navigating trading complexities with advanced strategies, thereby solidifying his position as an innovator and leader in the fields of cryptocurrency and traditional mining.

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