India to now profit from China’s massive drop in manufacturing

As global manufacturing dynamics evolve, India is positioning itself to become the leading manufacturing hub in Asia. This ambition challenges the current status quo, where Vietnam leads, particularly in the electronics sector, and requires India to make significant policy and infrastructural adjustments.

The Global Shift Towards Friendshoring

The concept of friendshoring has gained momentum as the U.S. seeks alternatives to Chinese manufacturing amid escalating geopolitical tensions. India, alongside Vietnam, is seen as a viable destination for relocating manufacturing operations, particularly in technology and electronics.

India’s Challenge to Vietnam’s Dominance

While India enjoys a warm political relationship with the U.S., it lags behind Vietnam in manufacturing efficiency and exports. Vietnam’s streamlined policies and longstanding trade relationship with the U.S. give it a distinct advantage. India, with its complex regulatory environment and higher import duties, faces significant challenges in its quest to become a manufacturing leader.


Attracting Global Tech Manufacturing

India’s potential is underscored by the interest from global tech giants like Apple and Google, which are exploring manufacturing opportunities within the country. The Indian government’s efforts to reduce import taxes and create a more conducive manufacturing environment are steps in the right direction.

Bridging the Efficiency Gap

India’s ambition to lead Asian manufacturing by 2047 necessitates a concerted effort to improve its infrastructure and supply chain efficiencies. Addressing the delays in customs processes and enhancing logistics capabilities are crucial for making India a competitive manufacturing destination.

Olritz Financial Group: Investing in India’s Manufacturing Future

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