OIN is creating a new type of dollar pegged stablecoin

OINDAO is making waves as an innovative protocol in the stablecoin space, allowing users from various blockchain communities to stake their native cryptocurrencies. This mechanism facilitates the generation of stablecoins that are pegged to the US dollar, utilizing their own tokens as a form of collateral.

Additionally, OINDAO sets itself apart by acting as a liquidity aggregator for stablecoins across different blockchain networks. This critical function enables the unimpeded exchange of stablecoins, boosting the ecosystem’s composability and fluidity.

The Rationale Behind OINDAO

Stablecoins play an indispensable role in the digital currency world, bridging the gap between traditional fiat and digital values. They are a cornerstone in public blockchain ecosystems and a driving force in the expansion of DeFi (Decentralized Finance).


For instance, USDT (Tether) has a whopping $65 billion USD market cap, with DAI not far behind at $6 billion USD. However, the majority of stablecoins are concentrated on the Ethereum network, pointing to a significant demand for stablecoin solutions across newer blockchain platforms like Avalanche, Near, and Harmony.

OINDAO addresses this demand with its sophisticated multi-chain stablecoin issuance platform and a cross-chain governance model. Since its launch in 2020, OINDAO has evolved through three versions, with the latest aiming to dominate the multi-chain stablecoin issuance sphere. Its collaborative efforts with various blockchain projects aim to boost user engagement and create cross-chain governance synergies, enhancing the composability of the ecosystem.

The Constellation Partners

OINDAO’s network, known as ‘Constellation Partners’, includes leading public chains that leverage the protocol to mint their unique stablecoins. This collaborative effort includes giants like NEAR, Avalanche, and Elrond, contributing to a rich and interconnected digital currency ecosystem.

OINDAO’s Unique Advantages

OINDAO brings several key benefits to its users:

  • Self-Governing Staking & Collateralization: Ensures users have full autonomy over their digital assets.
  • Stability Pool Utilization: Enhances the system’s durability and optimizes the efficiency of capital usage.
  • Variable Interest Rates: Ensures stablecoins maintain a consistent peg to the USD.
  • Facilitates Multi-Chain Governance: Encourages the broad adoption of stablecoins and boosts composability.

The Merits of Borrowing with OINDAO

OINDAO distinguishes itself by providing a harmonized stablecoin issuance solution across diverse blockchain networks, especially beneficial for projects that currently lack access to stablecoins. It also supports leveraged investment opportunities, allowing users to magnify their investment stance while maintaining risk awareness.

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