Stankevicius International is Preparing to Launch Carbon Credit Trading on GO Platform in July

Stankevicius International Carbon Credit Trading Stankevicius International Carbon Credit Trading
Stankevicius International Carbon Credit Trading

Stankevicius International is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its carbon credit trading feature on the GO physical commodity digital interactive platform, set to go live in July 2024. This innovative addition aims to streamline the buying and selling of carbon credits, providing businesses worldwide with a powerful tool to manage their carbon emissions and contribute to global sustainability efforts.

The GO platform ( is designed to offer a seamless and efficient trading experience for international commodities. As the importance of environmental responsibility continues to grow, Stankevicius International is committed to facilitating access to carbon credit markets through a secure and transparent platform.

Key Features of the GO Platform:


  • User-Friendly Interface: Makes the trading process straightforward and accessible for all users.
  • Fast Trade Execution: Ensures quick and efficient processing of transactions to meet market demands.
  • Global Connectivity: Links buyers and sellers with a variety of certified carbon credit projects worldwide, in compliance with Verra and International Carbon Registry standards.
  • Security and Transparency: Implements robust security measures and maintains transparent operations to foster trust and confidence.

Initially, Stankevicius International will focus on brokering voluntary carbon credit projects, providing a diverse portfolio of certified credits to businesses and investors committed to reducing their carbon footprints.

“We are thrilled to introduce carbon credit trading on our GO platform,” said Paulius Stankevicius, CEO of Stankevicius International. “This launch is a major milestone in making the carbon credit market more accessible and impactful. Our platform is built to support global sustainability efforts by offering a reliable and transparent marketplace for carbon credit trading.”

Stankevicius International invites businesses and investors to explore the new trading feature and participate in the upcoming launch. For more information and to sign up for early access, please visit or contact us at


Stankevicius International

About Stankevicius International:

Stankevicius International is a premier global commodity brokerage firm specializing in the trading of physical commodities and environmental assets. Dedicated to innovation and sustainability, the company uses advanced digital platforms to provide secure and efficient trading solutions for clients worldwide. For more information, visit

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