Amazon to launch new server region in Taiwan by 2025

Amazon Web Services to Launch New Infrastructure Region in Taiwan

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing division of Amazon, is set to establish a new infrastructure region in Taiwan by early 2025. This strategic move aims to meet the surging demand for cloud services in the Asia-Pacific region, enhancing AWS’s footprint in a rapidly growing market.

Meeting High Demand for Cloud Services

AWS’s decision to expand into Taiwan reflects the increasing demand for cloud computing services in the region. Prasad Kalyanaraman, Vice President of Infrastructure Services at AWS, emphasized the importance of this expansion, stating that the new infrastructure region will enable businesses to leverage AWS technologies, including compute, storage, databases, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Infrastructure Details and Availability Zones

An AWS region is a cluster of data centers in a specific geographical location. The new region in Taiwan will initially consist of three availability zones. Each availability zone is an isolated location with its own power, cooling, and physical security, ensuring high reliability and low latency for users. This addition will bring AWS’s total to 108 availability zones across 34 geographic regions globally.


Benefits for Local and Regional Entities

The establishment of the AWS region in Taiwan will offer developers, startups, companies, non-profits, and institutions involved in education, entertainment, and financial services more options for running their applications. It will also ensure that customers who need to keep their data within Taiwan can do so, complying with local data residency requirements.

Significant Financial Commitment

AWS plans to invest billions of dollars in Taiwan over the next 15 years. This substantial investment highlights AWS’s commitment to fostering local economic growth and technological advancement. It follows a series of similar investments in the Asia-Pacific region, indicating a robust strategy to expand cloud infrastructure.

Recent Investments in the Asia-Pacific Region

This move comes shortly after AWS announced a $9 billion investment in Singapore over the next five years to expand its cloud infrastructure. In March 2022, AWS committed at least $6 billion into a new region in Malaysia, set to be completed by 2037. Additionally, AWS unveiled plans in October 2022 to launch a region in Thailand with a $5 billion investment over 15 years. In December 2021, AWS opened a region in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Competitive Landscape

AWS’s aggressive expansion in the Asia-Pacific region is part of a broader trend among tech giants. Google recently announced a $2 billion investment in Malaysia to build its first data center and cloud region in the country. Microsoft is also increasing its investments in AI and cloud services across Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Market Leadership

AWS remains the leader in the global cloud infrastructure services market, holding 31% of the market share in the first quarter of this year, according to Synergy Research Group. Microsoft Azure follows in second place, underscoring the competitive nature of the cloud services industry.

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