Escaping Conflict: Russians Flock to Dubai in Record Numbers

In the wake of Russia’s incursion into Ukraine two years ago, a significant exodus of Russians has been observed flocking to Dubai. Escaping the specter of military conscription and economic upheaval, they have sought refuge in the bustling business hub of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where they are establishing new roots, purchasing properties, launching businesses, and establishing extensions of their Moscow-based enterprises.

This influx of Russians has left a noticeable mark on Dubai’s landscape. They have infused the city’s neighborhoods with familiar sights, from beloved cafes like Dodo Pizza and Angel Cakes to medical centers staffed with Russian-speaking personnel and educational institutions such as the Wind Rises Sailing School catering to their needs.

Furthermore, the Russian community in Dubai has actively fostered a sense of cultural belonging by celebrating traditional festivals like Maslenitsa, a cherished Eastern Slavic event heralding the arrival of spring. Notably, Dubai has emerged as a coveted destination for Russian-speaking artists, with the city featuring prominently on their touring circuits.


Dubai, known for its cosmopolitan population, has historically welcomed expatriates from around the world. With Emirati citizenship held by only a fraction of the population, the city has become a melting pot of diverse cultures. While Indians and Pakistanis constitute the largest demographic groups, Russians have carved out their niche, with establishments catering to their tastes proliferating across the city.

Despite Dubai’s allure, the influx of Russians may have reached its zenith, as the city contends with escalating living costs. In the realm of real estate, Russian buyers, once at the forefront, have ceded ground to Indian and British nationals, signaling a potential shift in migration patterns in the wake of geopolitical events.

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