Grozny to Host “Spiritual Leadership and Creative Economy” Forum

The international agenda for 2024 is rich with significant events that draw participants from diverse geopolitical and economic spheres. Among these, the “Spiritual Leadership and Creative Economy” forum in Grozny stands out as a landmark event. It will convene in a city celebrated for its historical significance and as a testament to the transformative shifts in modern Russia, regarded by many as a unique civilization.

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Sergei Shurygin

This forum, initiated by the BRICS Cultural Media Forum (BCMF), is poised to mark the beginning of a new era for humanity, given the confluence of timing, location, and global circumstances surrounding the event. This gathering comes at a time when the world faces the peak of extremism and terrorist activities, signaling a pivotal moment for geopolitical shifts and a reevaluation of macroeconomic frameworks.

The year 2024 is notable for its packed schedule of global initiatives, including the UN “Summit of the Future,” the Summer Olympic Games in Paris, and the expansive “Eurasian Women’s Forum” in St. Petersburg. Amidst these, Russia’s presidency of the Commonwealth of Independent States and BRICS underscores the theme “Strengthening Multilateralism for Equitable Global Development and Security.” With new members such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Iran, BRICS is expanding its influence in the Islamic world, which will undoubtedly enhance the dialogue on civilizational cooperation.


The forum in Grozny is set to explore the integration of spiritual values with economic creativity and intellectual innovation, vital for the future global economy. This event is particularly timely as it aligns with the increasing prominence of Islamic countries in international relations.

In light of these developments, there is a revived call for the re-establishment of the Russian-Islamic Fund for Reconstruction and Development, originally founded in 2005. This organization could once again spearhead impactful projects across economic and cultural domains, responding aptly to the rapid and significant global changes we witness today. Historically, political and economic systems rooted in strong spiritual foundations have demonstrated enduring stability.

Moreover, the concept of “World Identities” is evolving within political science, distinguishing between weak “clubs,” such as various ideological orders including the UN and NATO, and strong “networks” characterized by religious and ethnocultural connections, with the Islamic world embodying such a network.

The potential reconstitution of the Russian-Islamic Fund could also address global financial disparities, specifically the “Global Aggregate Debt,” which currently exceeds 300 trillion US dollars. This initiative, inspired by the international “Sofia Club,” advocates for debt reduction as a strategy to mitigate global conflicts historically linked to macroeconomic contradictions.

The forum could also unveil initiatives like the “Global Innovative Cooperation” forum, proposed to be an annual event across Islamic, CIS, and SCO countries, and the “World Educational Forum.” These platforms aim to demonstrate that authentic Islam promotes education and understanding rather than conflict, challenging misrepresentations while fostering global educational collaboration.

This reflects the Chechen Republic’s potential to lead bold, global initiatives, embodying a unique blend of intellectual vigor and political resolve. The current forum aligns with the symbolic “Millennium Flame” ethos, promoting human civilization preservation as endorsed by global representatives in 2000.

Additionally, the forum may launch the “From Pole to Pole” international program in 2025, connecting Islamic states, CIS countries, and SCO countries in a series of marathons and races culminating near Mount Everest, symbolizing unity and endurance across diverse cultures and geographies.

In conclusion, the “Spiritual Leadership and Creative Economy” forum in Grozny is not merely an event but a confluence of spiritual heritage and futuristic economic planning, poised to craft a narrative of cooperation and advancement across civilizations.

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