The Dubai Polo Gold Cup 2024: A Monumental Win for Habtoor Polo Team

In a display of unmatched skill and sportsmanship, the Habtoor Polo Team triumphed in the Gold Cup 2024, marking a significant milestone in the world of polo. The journey to victory was paved with thrilling matches, notably the Bentley Cup Semi-Final where AIX Mahra clashed with Ghantoot Polo Team. Despite a strong start from Ghantoot, AIX Mahra’s remarkable comeback in the third chukker was a highlight, although Ghantoot ultimately claimed the 2nd runner-up spot with a final surge, ending the match 11-8 in their favor.

This victory set the stage for the highly anticipated Gold Cup finals, where Habtoor Polo faced Dubai Wolves by CAFU. The match began with Dubai Wolves taking an early lead, only for Juan Juaretche of Habtoor Polo to swiftly equalize, setting the tone for a game filled with unexpected turns and equal prowess. The teams were neck-and-neck, with Habtoor Polo’s Benjamin Panelo and Santiago Laborde showcasing exceptional teamwork, continually bouncing back after each Dubai Wolves score. In a dramatic twist, Dubai Wolves leveled the score in the final chukker, pushing the game into a golden chukker where Habtoor Polo emerged victorious, securing the Gold Cup 2024 title amidst roaring applause.

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The awards ceremony saw Joseph Tayar, General Manager of Bentley, and Mr. Saeed Bin Drai, Vice Chairman of the UAE Polo Federation, presenting honors to the teams, celebrating the spirit and excellence of polo.


Bentley Emirates played a pivotal role as the main sponsor, bringing its legacy of professionalism and high standards to the forefront of this prestigious event. As part of Al Habtoor Motors’ Prestige Cars Division, Bentley Emirates continues to redefine luxury, with its new showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road set to enhance the customer experience further. Additionally, the world’s first Bentley Cafe & Boutique in Dubai Marina reflects Bentley’s elegance and heritage, offering a unique blend of contemporary and classic elements.

Al Habtoor Motors’ Prestige Cars Division, the official dealer for esteemed marques like Bentley, Bugatti, and McLaren in the UAE, underscores the group’s commitment to delivering unparalleled luxury and performance.

Co-sponsors such as MAK Engineering Consultancy, KLUDI, Diamond Lease, and Hildon Water played essential roles in enriching the event, each bringing a unique element that contributed to the tournament’s success. MAK Engineering Consultancy, with its innovative design services, KLUDI’s high-end bathroom and kitchen solutions, Diamond Lease’s comprehensive automotive rental and leasing solutions, and Hildon’s pristine natural mineral water, all added to the Gold Cup’s prestige.

The event also highlighted the U.S. Polo Assn. as the official apparel sponsor, showcasing the brand’s commitment to the sport and its rich heritage. Media partners like POLO LINE TV and Al Badia magazine amplified the event’s reach, bringing the thrilling action and the elegance of polo to a global audience.

The government’s support, particularly from the Dubai Sports Council and the UAE Polo Federation, underscored the importance of polo in promoting sportsmanship and cultural exchange, further solidifying the UAE’s position as a key player in the international polo community.

As the Habtoor Polo Team basks in the glory of their Gold Cup victory, the event leaves an indelible mark on the world of polo, celebrating the sport’s enduring appeal and the continuous pursuit of excellence. The success of the Gold Cup 2024 not only highlights the prowess of the teams and players involved but also sets a new benchmark for future tournaments, promising even more excitement and competition in the years to come.

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