Everybody estimating Bitcoin to skyrocket in value by 2024

Financial institutions like BlackRock and Fidelity, market analysts, crypto communities, and even investment and commercial banks like Standard Chartered, basically everybody estimating Bitcoin to skyrocket in value by 2024.

Everything going on in the global markets and overall economy leads to the fact that currency digitalization is unavoidable and that cash is only losing value. In fact, Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking also agrees with these claims and ideas, because it simply makes sense. It’s already been like 15 years since the birth of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin’s emergence into the markets, and it is a lot of time for a market to mature. The crypto market today stands at over $1T. Everything that is going on with AI and technology development frightens people that AI can potentially boost crypto usability on this planet.

The world is truly moving towards innovation and digitalization but it is still run by traditional minds and regulations. There are too many innovations coming out, especially within the financial sector, and it is becoming harder and harder to put walls around them. No matter how hard governments try to regulate people and keep them under control, the world is evolving and people are becoming smarter, and they understand better and better how everything works.


While the traditional financial market is way over $100T, the crypto market is still at $1T. However, once there is a boost, a 10X from $1T can be a very possible scenario, and once the crypto market reaches $10T, then it becomes a real threat to traditional finance. Everything we know may simply change. But how much time would it take to reach there? Is this even doable in our lifetime?

People are building trillion-dollar companies in less than a decade these days. A trillion-dollar company is kind of on hype. There are more and more smart individuals putting up plans to go into 1T valuations. 5-10 years ago a unicorn was a 1 billion dollar company but now in the current market and with all the sophisticated tools available at our disposal, building a 1 billion dollar company has become a basic thing. 1 billion is no longer exciting and unique but 1 trillion is something much more interesting to reach for.

So where does this leave cryptocurrencies? With the current real market valuation crypto stands at just above $1T, it is like a big enterprise run by international investors. However, companies fall and rise, and so did the crypto market. It fell from nearly $3T to $1T. It has been low for about one and a half years, and it is scary to think how big it can go during the next run.

Bitcoin to skyrocket

However, one of the most important rules in the market is to expect the unexpected, and when everybody is expecting something big to happen, it is very likely something opposite will happen indeed.

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