Nikken Sekkei triumphs with the completion of One Za’abeel, new stunning Dubai’s landmark

The recently unveiled One Za’abeel mixed-use masterpiece in the United Arab Emirates, meticulously crafted by the renowned Japanese design firm NIKKEN SEKKEI, boasts the world’s longest cantilever, gracefully spanning a remarkable 66 meters above the bustling city. This visionary development encompasses two exceptionally chic skyscrapers, namely the Tower and The Residences, seamlessly connected by a sophisticated enclosed horizontal bridge named The Link, elevating the city’s architectural panorama to unparalleled heights. Positioned at the gateway to Dubai’s central financial district, the project emerges as a distinguished landmark, leaving an indelible impression on travelers arriving from Dubai International Airport, embodying notions of ambition, innovation, and connectivity. Its strategically coveted location ensures seamless access to the downtown area, epitomizing Dubai’s perpetual march towards progress.

One Za’abeel now stands as the inaugural architectural marvel greeting visitors as they embark on their journey from the airport to the city center, and it becomes the last awe-inspiring sight as they bid farewell. Nikken Sekkei is aspired to conceive an exquisitely elegant edifice that not only encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Dubai but also serves as a formidable gateway, leaving an everlasting imprint on the city’s identity.

One Za’abeel

One Za’abeel is designed not merely as a structure but as a dynamic community hub, captivating both residents and global visitors with its opulent array of amenities. The complex unfolds a diverse tapestry of world-class dining options, exclusive retail outlets, cutting-edge office spaces, and uniquely curated urban hotel experiences. The Link, suspended gracefully at an elevation of 100 meters, takes center stage with a spectacular 230-meter viewing platform spanning the east-to-west axis between the towering structures, offering visitors a truly breathtaking and panoramic spectacle.


Nikken Sekkei in the Middle East

Succeeding a 30-year legacy in the Middle East, Nikken Sekkei has left an indelible mark by conceptualizing and contributing to over 65 projects spanning the region’s cultural, commercial, and hospitality sectors. Among its iconic creations are the Islamic Development Bank HQ in Jeddah, the striking Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry building overlooking Dubai Creek, and the impressive Tadawul HQ building in Riyadh.

Nikken has successfully overseen the management of more than 25,000 projects, leaving its imprint on 250 cities across 50 countries. With one of the most extensive portfolios of any architecture firm globally, Nikken Sekkei stands as a testament to its unparalleled expertise and influence in shaping architectural landscapes worldwide.

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