Can Chat GPT be ever connected to the internet?

Can Chat GPT be ever connected Can Chat GPT be ever connected

Chat GPT and AI are the buzz terms of 2023, and of course, it does sound very exciting and all-powerful. Robotics and machine learning have surely developed quite a lot over the last 5 years but when we are talking about artificial intelligence and Chat GPT performance, as skeptical as it may sound but aren’t we giving yet too much of a credit for something that is still not quite there yet? Can Chat GPT be ever connected to the internet?

Elon Musk has been talking about Mars for nearly a decade now, still, Mars is not quite there yet. However, what’s here already are the influenced stock market prices on Space X and Tesla. On the other hand, Chat GPT is receiving quite astronomical valuations based on simple data collection programming.

For those who are techies and IT gurus, imagine the world’s largest encyclopedias data connected into 1 database separated by nouns, verbs, and adjectives, and whenever typed in a query it gives a detailed answer. As detailed as it was coded to provide.


Can Chat GPT be ever connected

Even though Chat GPT sounds as great as it may be, critics are still there. For those who may not understand technology well, Chat GPT may sound like something completely alien and astronomical and belief in such a company might be very strong especially when it comes to investing. However, for others who are in the tech industry and understand basic machine learning processes, Chat GPT isn’t really too big of a deal. Yes, it makes sentences connect and find logic but that is just fed data, and still gives errors.

The revolution edge for Chat GPT would be when it would gather data live from the internet and then provide communication. Now, that requires more than basic machine learning, that requires perhaps more of what we call AI. However, it does not feel yet that that type of AI is in existence yet. Very likely it will come sure, but at the end of the day, Chat GPT is valued at billions and so did WeWork while WeWork’s backend operations were a complete mess, we actually have no idea of the real operations behind Chat GPT. There has never been an official AI audit before.

If a company claims to have created an AI technology it should certainly prove it. We see in the market many companies claiming they are running AI-based software systems and applications while in reality, those are everything else but not AI. What is the trick and risk? The investing part.

When blockchain came into play years ago, even traditional public companies tend to rename their company names and add the word “blockchain” into their enterprise names to boost stock value and be perceived as cutting-edge technology companies. We see the same situation with artificial intelligence today.

A lot of retail investors get easily fooled by companies claiming they run AI systems and lose their investment. Of course, Chat GPT has proven a certain level of functionality and shown performance, nevertheless is backed by big backers but let’s not jump into maybe soon-to-be happening a quick pump-and-dump scheme. Chat GPT investment can still turn out to be a risky one. We never know if Space X will ever reach Mars but the marketing that companies are pulling with stories and visions does generate the funds for some of those stories to come true.

There is a lot of talk about AI being dangerous and that we should be careful of it but aren’t we just way too early for this whole technology? Just think about blockchain. We talked about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies as if it was the next massive revolution, yet the crypto industry stands at a $1T market cap today which is basically under 1% of the global stock market cap value. We are already doing blockchain for nearly 10 years and we are not near yet till the destination. As far as AI goes – we are not near the start.

So to answer the question, can Chat GPT be ever connected to the internet is still very unclear. It could probably connect but could it fetch the right data and do the right logical combinations that is another question to consider.

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