Special Feature: OceanGate and financial markets, what is the risk?

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A recent unfortunate event that has happened with OceanGate raised certain questions about risk and safety in general terms speaking for any business activity or any transactional or even nontransactional involvement. Can we measure or compare risks between OceanGate and financial markets, what is the risk?

Let’s dive into the business. OceanGate is focused on a very niche market for a very specific target audience, submarine underwater explorations to see Titanic. At the same time, financial markets are about investing in financial instruments through electronic trading for very specific target audiences.


Why is OceanGate being compared to the stock market for instance? Because questions were being raised before purchasing a ticket to dive 4KM in the depths of the ocean to see the legendary Titanic are very similar to questions being asked before investing in the financial market. What is the risk? How safe it is? Chances against death and chances against losing the capital – both options are very painful. No matter how this paragraph sounds – it is an undeniable truth.


The decision-making goes down to the final offer. How badly do you want to see Titanic in 2023 versus how badly do you want to have high returns? Risk is inevitable but the ‘want’ and ‘desire’ is stronger than anything else inside the human system. If we really want something very much, we are willing to risk it.


People already know the risk, they know it in their hearts and brains, yet we tend to ask this question as if we are students of a big university of life, and we pretend to not understand. The reality and the fact is that people are aware and they do understand by default about risks. Even if something is very dangerous but someone else told them that it’s okay, they would most likely believe it and go through it. The question is, why do we ask others about something if we already know it?

How is this related to OceanGate and the financial markets? This article is special because it opens a comparison of two completely separate things yet both of them have enormous risks, and both of them are very painful. In our world, it has always been life versus money and money versus life. Only a few truly know how to separate them apart. Give it a thought and make your judgment yourself, you should not let others decide for you.

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