UFOs could be the most enormous propaganda the world has seen

UFOs could be the most enormous propaganda the world has seen UFOs could be the most enormous propaganda the world has seen

Why is this topic popping up now? Correct, the question is why now. The answer could be as simple as the world is not in a stable situation right now and governments are throwing a bluff. Housing prices are over the roof, the international geo-political situation is questionable, and salaries are not increasing yet product prices are increasing. Financial markets are in the most uncertain position ever since a long time ago. Not to mention the upcoming elections during which the ideologies and media pushing of various subjects are just very vague. That being said we should seriously consider if UFOs could be the most enormous propaganda the world has seen and it can just be a huge bluff to distract people from the real world and the real world’s real issues.

enormous propaganda

UFO theories have been flying around in the world forever, yet the government was not really involved that much even though regular people were giving different types of evidence and proofs. For some reason, however, and for the first time, the US government is actually talking about it publicly and acknowledging facts.

There is so much happening in the world already, perhaps the UFO would be the least of peoples’ concern but still government decided to put this out there for speculation. Perhaps to change the theme topic of coffee breaks from presidential elections and government decisions to UFO appearances and what the can government do to protect its citizens.


The one thing which is clear is that we are definitely in very uncertain markets, and still, we have actually no idea how the UFO situation could potentially impact financial markets. However, it is very likely that new startups will emerge in the next 12 months to provide some sort of alien related-technology and there will be for sure tons of investors and VCs jumping into the trend and hype.

It’s all about how can we create a new hype as big as possible. Financial markets and housing is on the edge, and the bubble is about to pop. So technically, there should be another bubble to maintain the bubble system of global economies.

As crazy as it may sound but UFO related topics can create new unicorn businesses with multi-billion dollar valuations. The topic is indeed interesting and there is no actual knowledge about the subject whether there is any truth to it or not but considering the timing and all that is happening in the world now, the world does feel pretty filled with chaos.

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