Private Equity in the Middle East in oil and real estate industries is soaring

private equity in the Middle East in oil and real estate private equity in the Middle East in oil and real estate

In recent years, the Middle East has seen enormous growth, especially the Gulf countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The leading business sectors in the Middle East are oil and real estate. Now that the economies of scale are changing globally, the Middle East is becoming a new Europe and America, and with the growing economy, private equity in the Middle East in oil and real estate industries is soaring over the roof.

Saudi Arabia is investing hundreds of billions of dollars in the country’s restructuring and development. The money is coming from oil and foreign investors. Saudi Arabia is trying to create some astonishing projects that for other countries would seem simply impossible.

Dubai on the other hand has seen the biggest real estate surge ever. Billions of dollars worth of real estate is being purchased on a monthly basis. Ras Al Khaimah is now looking to become the largest casino world in the Middle East.


private equity in the Middle East in oil and real estate
UAEs first casino confirmed to be bigger than Las Vegas <strong><a href=httpswwwarabianbusinesscomindustriestravel hospitalityuae first casino confirmed in ras al khaimah to be bigger than las vegas report target= blank rel=noopener title=Source Arabian Business>Source Arabian Business<a><strong>

Considering if the casino business will get completely enabled by the UAE government, the country can become the biggest casino location in the world. Despite that, UAE is already considered one of the top locations for luxury and entertainment as well as business. More and more businesses are incorporated in the UAE, especially for oil and gas trading and real estate development. The oil industry is extremely rich however certain difficulties can be faced especially for foreign investors in the oil business.

It looks like the Gulf is being dominated by Saudi Arabia and UAE, but other countries are pushing new limits as well. It is estimated that the MENA countries will see mega growth up to 2030 covering almost all of the mainstream sectors while having primary real estate as the leading industry.

Real estate businesses in the Middle East are something else because it’s not just about regular apartment sales. For example, in Dubai, almost any apartment you can find for sale is a luxury apartment followed by luxury villas and mansions. While, in downtown and business locations we see mega skyrise buildings being developed, and every 6 months there is a new skyscraper on the rise.

Commercial and residential skyscraper business in UAE is ludicrous promising investors at least a safe return of 1.5x – 2x. A modern skyscraper in downtown can cost anywhere between 300 million dollars to 1 billion and more. When investing in the Middle East investors have to look at the track record of the region, especially the UAE is a great example.

Based on what has been achieved over the last 10 years, we have a very clear idea of where the region is going to go by 2030. We are still in 2023, and starting a large-scale investment business at this time is still a great time to enter the market. Saudi Arabia and other MENA countries are good options as well. Whether it’s oil trade or real estate investments, the Middle East is on the rise to becoming the leading region of the world.

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